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Welcome to The Rewind. As detectives, we know all too well that the key to solving a crime can be hidden in any overlooked detail. That is why we have brought you here. Using our advanced technologies, you will revisit the scenes of four of the most notorious cold cases in history. Memorize all you can while you are inside The Rewind; afterwards, you will be tasked with reconstructing these crime scenes on your own.

This (unfinished, real sloppy) detective training walking sim protoype was created for Brackeys Jam 2020.2.



WASD - Walk

Mouse - Look

E - Interact

In Crime Scene Rebuild

Left Shift - Open Tool Selection
E - Interact, Swap, Delete, Grab (depending on which tool is selected)
Tab - Open Item Selection Menu
Q & E - Rotate Item (while holding item from Item Selection)
Left Click - Place Item (while holding item from Item Selection)
Hold ESC - Auto Return to Lobby


Amanda Harper | Jeff Harper | Albert Chang


Rewind_8.8.20.zip 82 MB

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