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An Oculus-driven VR-DDR horror experience that tests your ability solve puzzles under pressure. You have 12 seconds when you enter a room to solve the puzzle for it. You need to solve all of the puzzles to win!

Made by-

Cameron Ayres: 3D Artist

Albert Chang: Sound Design

Amanda Fisher: Programming

Jeff Harper: Programming & Level Design

Josh Miller: Game Design

Tashkeel Shah: 3D Artist

Install instructions

*You need to have Oculus DK2 installed and hooked up, as well as a DDR-Pad, for an ideal experience*

-Look in the direction you want to move to orient

(On DDR Pad)

-Left and Right arrows alternating will move you forwards

-A will interact with objects

-Down will turn you around 180 degrees

(you may need to modify the inputs when you launch the executable)


TwelveRooms_GameLab_2015.zip 27 MB


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